Bringing a game-changing cloud to the UK market

Closer to end-users than public cloud has ever been before, GiG UK provides affordable, reliable IT capacity and services at the network edge

A straight-talking take on today's cloud market


Early public cloud services (IaaS) dominated by the big three globals; slow local reaction; little differentiation


Workloads moving from Dev Ops/Web-scale to traditional apps; Accelerated growth in cloud

Channel Disaggregation

Driven by globals/mega off-shore clouds given RTM mainly direct; Channel pushed to sidelines


Latency, legislation and cost necessitate a move from hyper-scale to hyper-distributed; the Edge is here


A multi-cloud world; One-size-fits-all doesn't work; Cloud selection based on Use Case

In a world where data is everywhere, we think it's time for a new approach to cloud

Amazon launched its first public cloud service in 2006. Over a decade later, what we need from cloud has changed. GiG UK's close edge cloud is built with today's requirements in mind. It is GDPR and Data Sovereignty compliant and perfect for the Internet of Things. It is a game-changer; so too is the way we deliver it.

Big Business Creds

We've combined 15+ years' storage, virtualisation and cloud expertise with start-up speed and agility to build a cloud for the 21st century. The result is a lean, cost and energy efficient grid of computing and storage capacity across the UK, that is:

  • closer to end-users than public cloud has ever been before for minimal latency
  • Data Sovereignty and GDPR compliant solution
  • part of a larger global network providing the same low cost, reliable service wherever you are in the world.

Partner First

We sell exclusively via our partner network. This gives end user-clients the level of bespoke tailoring and support that only a trusted friend, who knows their business, can deliver. So, whether your client is a farmer in Ayrshire, or runs a surf school in Devon, GiG UK can provide reliable IT capacity on their doorstep.

Human Guarantee

We also offer a human guarantee: dedicated account managers, in-country or even in your office. Our world-class client service helps you access the business benefits of our great technology as quickly and easily as possible.

Full Stack

We deliver a complete edge cloud solution based on open source software and principles.

We've combined the latest technology with our decades of experience in cloud and storage to create a new type of cloud that is more open, yet less vulnerable; less complex and more scalable, and, best of all, requires little or no human intervention, reducing the risk of errors and downtime.

A New Cloud

We've replaced 90% of the hardware you typically find in on-premise or older public clouds with an open source, software based alternative, and since our cloud is brand new it means it has zero legacy.

More For Less

With less hardware comes less cost; we require just 20% of the power and 10% of the space of traditional cloud operation. This means we can house our technology anywhere in the UK that has a reliable power supply and an internet connection.

The result is IT services and capacity much closer to end-users; minimizing latency and improving the end-user experience.

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Full stack reinvention of how cloud services are built & delivered


We're a partner first business

We sell exclusively through our trusted partners and are committed to being a true friend to those with whom we work.

We prove this by combining technology innovation with world class client care and by dealing fairly with partners in all aspects of our work.

In practical terms, what that means for partners is:

  • Flexible contracts
  • Meaningful margins
  • Capacity packaged in a way you need
  • Guaranteed ownership of IP for the services you build
  • Direct contracts between partners and their customers
  • Flexibility to build differentiated services
  • Hands-on support to get you up and running
  • Dedicated account management in the UK - or even in your office if you need us.

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