GiG UK Predicts the Evolution of Cloud in 2018

Published: 8th January 2018 - 2:53 pm

Our GiG UK experts have put together their predictions for the technology industry in 2018 and beyond.

“The key driver of change in the cloud market this year will be business customers that have experimented with how they can adopt the Cloud, to fully embracing it as integral to their IT infrastructure. Understanding this shift, key cloud players are moving the traditional boundaries towards customer-centric marketing, innovation in digital transformation and towards AI – the three central tenents of how the cloud market will evolve over the next twelve months.

As a cloud solution provider that is proud to offer our partners a game changing solution to the cloud, the team at GiG UK, have identified five developments and trends that will drive the cloud in 2018:

  1. The Digital Lifestyle: What drives the global economy is changing. Manufacturing trends towards automation, Brexit-led business change in Europe and the continued conversion of oil to tech investment are each having a significant effect on the global economy. In addition, digitally linked expansion of connectedness is also driving consumerism in the economy. Cloud vendors who are agile, flexible and enable transformation will succeed in partnership with the organisations who drive and succeed with their digital transformation programmes. The manifestation of this digital transformation is key. Across each industry it will be slightly different and it is our job to understand the unique demands of each sector and adapt our services accordingly.
  2. AI, ML and Automation Breaking into Mainstream: As billions of devices are now connected, businesses run the risk of being swamped in data they cannot analyse, understand or manipulate. They are being forced to sift through data at speeds as never before; to anticipate problems and opportunities before they occur. The rise in the commercial deployment of Artificial Intelligence, promises to help resolve this issue, enabling machines that learn as they operate, can be configured to radiate this learning and provide insights throughout the enterprise. Pioneering businesses have identified this change and they will seek to accelerate their existing AI initiatives, driving an imperative for the rest of the market to try not to be left behind. The cloud is the perfect breeding ground for this gestation, as flexibility and infrastructure automation are essential ingredients in any solution.
  3. Deep Enterprise-Software: As AI ability and capability is to be the catalysts of the future global economy, the challenge is how to seamlessly blend AI and cloud into customer-oriented services. We need to understand that we are at the beginning of a digital revolution and therefore a long term approach is vital.
  4. The threat of Cyber Crime: Criminals fully understand the reliance now placed on the digital world and how an attack here has the potential to cripple a huge amount of businesses. A number of recent significant data breaches have been launched, and unfortunately, there is a chilling outlook for the increasingly damaging nature of cyberattacks. By its very nature, the cloud interconnects far more devices, data, applications and people than ever before. While this level of interconnectivity brings significant benefits, it also brings exponentially greater exposure to cybercriminals who are rapidly becoming more sophisticated.
  5. The Human Guarantee: Cloud vendors that succeed in 2018 will be those that fully support their partners and customers, demonstrating a strong understanding of their organisation, industry and need. At GiG UK, we understand this and as such, have fully integrated our ‘human guarantee’ – the promise of a dedicated GiG team member to work with our partners to ensure our end users have access to our advice and solutions, every step of the way. We want to be part of the solution that supports digital transformation, facilitating highly capable digital enterprises that are smarter, more aware, more growth-oriented, and faster-moving than ever before. Whilst excellent technology is at the heart of our ethos, what is crucial is how we work with our vendor partners to map our offering to our customers so that we can support them in their plight to undertake, accelerate and complete their digital transformations.”

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